Jude’s Birth Story

Jude Michael McGann, was born on April 11th at 5:40 PM to the happiest parents in the world. He was 7 lbs. 14 oz., 20 in. long and absolutely perfect. Perfect skin, and perfect little body.

Mom and Baby

Our good friend Dr. Michelle delivered him and was the first person to hold him before passing him over to me. She said he came out with a pouty lip, but he was a real trooper and super content during his hosptial stay. He cried a little when he came out but soon calmed down once he was placed on my chest. He also decided to greet me with a full stream of urine. :) As he was doing so, I could hear Michelle in the background say, “Well at least you know the plumbing works!”

The labor was tiring, since I couldn’t eat anything and didn’t get much sleep the night before, but it was definitely worth it when I finally greeted our sweet little boy after being at the hospital for 13 hrs.

This is before we really got started.

Before Labor

And this was me the rest of the time. Eyes closed leaning on someone or holding someone’s hand for support. :) Yup, I’m a whimp.

During Labor

Jared and I got to the hospital around 5 AM after a long 41.5 weeks of waiting. 😉 Since my due date, I had a couple false alarms where contractions would pick up at night but then die down.  On Friday, April 10th, I was feeling contractions pretty much all day but wasn’t sure if they would turn into anything.  That night, Jared and I were out to dinner when they started to get a little more intense and closer together.  We returned home, and I timed them for a while, but then decided to go to bed.

Around 2 AM they were strong enough to wake me up.  I was excited to have things progressing but a little annoyed to find Jared was still awake! He wasn’t planning on going back to work the next Monday (since we figured Jude would come over the weekend) so he stayed up late finishing up some last minute work.  I voiced my annoyance when I called from the bedroom, “You better be awake when my contractions get worse!” LOL.

Around 3:30 AM my contractions were close enough to call Labor and Delivery.

However, when I called they let me know that there was no room for me!  What?! How is that possible?

The nurse I spoke to said she would call me back to let me know if any other hospitals could take me. When she called back she let me know that the only hospitals with openings were either Oakland or San Francisco.

With this new information, I decided to call my doctor to see what she thought I should do.

Unfortunately, I woke her up… but she was nice enough to tell me to just go to the hosptial and wait for a room.

When we got to the hospital I was escorted to an observation room to be assessed.  I was currently 4 cm dialated, but they wanted me to progress to 5 or 6 cm before they admitted me. They suggested walking around for a couple hours to see if that would move things along, so that’s what we did.

At 7 AM they checked me again and I had progressed to 6 cm.  At this point, I was in active labor but my water had not broken, and there were still no rooms available.

Contractions had stayed pretty constant, and I had bouts of nausea, so I didn’t walk around much more. That means I spent the majority of the next 7 hrs in a teeny tiny observation room, until we were finally moved to a labor and delivery room around 2pm.

At that time, I had only progressed 1 cm in those 7 hrs. At 7 cm they suggested breaking my bag of water to get things going. My water was broken and it was a very interesting experience. It was a very warm gush of water. I guess baby Jude had been living in a hot tub those last 9 months.

Michelle wasn’t working that day so after they broke my water she came in. It was so nice of  her to come in on her day off just to deliver our sweet baby boy!

At the end, it felt like things were taking forever.

I felt a lot of pressure, and really wanted to try to push. I was checked around 5:15 PM and still had a cm to go. I was getting a little impatient, but everyone reassured me that we were so close and that you would be born within the hour!

15 minutes later, I was finally allowed to start pushing!  First came his head, then his shoulders, and then all of him! I couldn’t have been more happy to have him finally here. Waiting that last week was so hard, and I just wanted to hold him already!

Jared couldn’t have been more happy to finally meet his baby boy either.

It was so great having Jared right next to me, holding my hand and letting me rest my head on his shoulder when I needed it. He was such a support to me and I couldn’t have asked for more (even if he was sleep deprived).

I was so lucky to not only have my husband there wtih me but my good friend/cousin Carissa, an amazing doctor and a very kind nurse all there to help me stay focused and have exactly the birth I wanted for this precious little boy.

Welcome to the world, baby Jude!


No Baby: Day 9

Everyone is always saying, rest while you can! Get some sleep! Instead of making freezer meals, and cleaning my house I went hiking. Probably not the brightest idea ever, but it sure was fun!

Hike with Alyse

 I was so certain this kid was coming early that laundry was washed, groceries were purchased and the house was cleaned too early.  Since I did all that, I decided might as well try to get the kid out

Alyse and I have talked about going for a hike together for months and never have. We finally got together to try out Rancho San Antonio. Little did we know, this is one of the only places that doesn’t allow dogs. No fun. Since we had Alyse’s adorable puppy Roo with us, we quickly searched for the closest dog friendly hike.

We ended up at Stevens Creek County Park. We hiked up to Masses Point (the highest point in the Fremont Reserve) and it had some phenomenal views!

We also ended up meeting a really interesting guy from Scotland. So fun to chat with random people with different backgrounds.  He’s the one that took us up to the point and then snapped this shot of us.

It sure is expensive, but the Bay Area sure has it’s perks.

No Baby: Day 8

The Non-Stress Test went well yesterday, so the doctors are okay with him cookin’ a little while longer.

One thing I don’t like about being pregnant is always being worried.  I worry that I’m not eating healthy enough, not exercising enough, not relaxing enough, basically I worry that I am doing everything wrong.

That’s probably why I wish this baby would just come on his own!  Then I would know, he was ready and it was time.  And, I wouldn’t feel guilty evicting him too early.  But, for some reason, I just really think I’m going to need to be induced.  I have contractions all the time, but they just don’t get strong enough or close enough together.

Since I am basically just waiting to have my baby at this point, I talked my friend into going on a short hike with me.  It was a beautiful day and neither one of us had ever been to this spot.


Not the best photo, but that bump is massive!

It was super green, and I’m glad we got to see it before it started to turn brown.

This picture reminds me of a painting my grandfather did. I don’t think it’s like it at all, but for some reason it reminds me of a particular painting my mom has.


Jared got us a new camera for baby boys arrival, so I’ve been trying to play with it a little bit.

Let’s just say, I have a lot to learn…