Girl Time is Back!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’ve been able to spend a little more time with my girls!

I am definitely one of those that uses the “tend and befriend” method when dealing with stress.  I love going out with girl friends or just having some extra time to talk and catch up.

Whether it is Tea Time at the office.

Tea Time

Celebrating one of my bestie’s 30th birthday!!! She makes 30 look so good.Julie is 30!

Or heading to San Francisco for a day filled with pedicures, Christmas decorations, yummy food, and dance parties in the hotel room.


I will take girl time any way I can get it. :)

San Fran


Imperfect Thanksgiving

One reason I actually really love working in an office is because that means we get to have family parties and work parties around the holidays.  This year we did a potluck for Thanksgiving and all the food was super yummy.

Work Party

I really need to start taking pictures of people and not food.

Jared and I also hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Jared’s work schedule around the holidays is always a little up in the air, so my family decided to come out and join us in California, since we weren’t able to travel anywhere. It was a smaller group than we expected because my sisters kids got sick. :( No fun.  But, it was still good to have my mom, one of my sisters, and my brother come out.

Thanksgiving was our deadline for a lot of projects on the house, and we got most of it done, but it was definitely not the perfect first visit I envisioned for my family.

The week prior to Thanksgiving we finally pulled up all the plastic off the floors in the house, scrubbed practically every square inch of our house multiple times to get all the dust and dirt up, hung doors, cleaned bathrooms, installed light fixtures, on top of working and trying to make time for friends.

Originally, I think I thought we could get everything perfect before my mom came.  I wanted the new rug down, the scented candles lit, the Thanksgiving center piece on the table, mints on her pillow… ;) But, that didn’t really happen.  Instead, I finally got in the shower 5 minutes before they arrived, had Jared frantically trying to dust mop our bedroom floor as they are knocking on the door, burnt the lasagna and made my brother help Jared carry the new rug in and rearrange our living room furniture.  Talk about a gracious host. :)

I was supper stressed before their visit but then as soon as they got there I slowly started realizing that it really didn’t matter.  My mom didn’t miss the mint on her pillow, my brother could care less if I had a scented candle lit on the table and we were all just glad we could spend Thanksgiving together.

Thanksgiving Dinner

It was way too short of a visit, but we tried to pack in whatever we could.  My sister came into town the morning after my mom, so once she got there we had a nice breakfast, and then started prepping for dinner.  We had our typical Thanksgiving menu; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pearl onions, broccoli cheese casserole, cranberry bread, cranberry sauce, and white grape juice with martinelli’s. Everything turned out pretty well, we ate pretty close to on time, and I only chipped one dish as I was rushing to get food on the table (I really need to learn to relax).


After dinner Jared and my brother were lucky enough to go to the Niner game (even though they lost) since our good friend couldn’t use his tickets and was kind enough to offer them to us.  I think both boys had a really good time and really enjoyed watching the game in the new Levi stadium.


The next day we planned to go up to Stanford to walk around, but ended up at the Stanford mall instead and stayed there the entire day. It was good to get some Christmas shopping done, but it would have been nice to do something a little more interactive.  Except we did have a super classy bag lunch in the car together. Martinelli’s and all. :)

Bag Lunch

Saturday we drove out to our home town to see some friends and family, which was really nice.  I jokingly said it was my mom’s Escalon Tour because it felt like she had a million stops to make.  We started with dim sum and then ended it with pumpkin pie at the Heard’s.  Always fun to spend time with our friends out there!


Like I said, the visit was short, and that’s all the time I got, but it was good to see my family.  I just wish they lived closer!!

Time to Cook!

This whole moving process has been different than I’ve ever experienced.  I wasn’t there when Jared did the final packing (I found a dried up apple in a box Jared packed the other day #boys), I wasn’t there when they unloaded the boxes into the garage, we still haven’t moved things into the house, I still don’t know where half my jewelry is, and I just now put the last of my clothes in our room (who needs clothes).

It’s been interesting living a little differently these last few months.  I’ve survived with 3 pairs of jeans, 1 necklace, and premade frozen eggplant parmesan from Trader Joes. It sounds silly, but sometimes it really did feel like we were motelin’ it. At least Motel McGann is what Alondra calls it.  It has definitely not been easy, mainly because I am high maintenance, but it’s been an experience that is for sure.

About 2 weeks ago, Jared and I decided we really needed to get our kitchen back to working condition.  He had been trying to do the cabinets himself (after the first attempt didn’t really work out), but it was just becoming too much. Plus, we realized professionals are just 100x faster than we are.

Here are the cabinets being painted…

Being Painted

And, here is the finished product!


I am still getting used to the new kitchen (still don’t know where to put my trash can), but it’s been so nice to have a kitchen again!  I would rather clean counters, wash dishes, roast brussel sprouts or bake chicken over sanding walls and door jams any day.

It’s definitely been a LONG, SLOW, and stressful experience, but I do think it has taught me a lot.

It has taught me that I really need to be more patient, I need to not throw tantrums when things don’t go my way (we call them Katie-Kaboom moments), I need to have a positive attitude, I need to suck it up and just get to work, and I need to be more grateful.

Jared and I really are SO blessed.  Our lives are SO great. But, for some reason, sometimes I let those stupid little nothings cloud my vision. Even though things aren’t perfect (and we still don’t have a door on our bedroom), we are doing pretty great.

Next month we WILL have more progress pictures! At least we better, since we have 30 days till our deadline! And, since our deadline just happens to be our anniversary, I’m really hoping we can pull this off. :)