Time to Cook!

This whole moving process has been different than I’ve ever experienced.  I wasn’t there when Jared did the final packing (I found a dried up apple in a box Jared packed the other day #boys), I wasn’t there when they unloaded the boxes into the garage, we still haven’t moved things into the house, I still don’t know where half my jewelry is, and I just now put the last of my clothes in our room (who needs clothes).

It’s been interesting living a little differently these last few months.  I’ve survived with 3 pairs of jeans, 1 necklace, and premade frozen eggplant parmesan from Trader Joes. It sounds silly, but sometimes it really did feel like we were motelin’ it. At least Motel McGann is what Alondra calls it.  It has definitely not been easy, mainly because I am high maintenance, but it’s been an experience that is for sure.

About 2 weeks ago, Jared and I decided we really needed to get our kitchen back to working condition.  He had been trying to do the cabinets himself (after the first attempt didn’t really work out), but it was just becoming too much. Plus, we realized professionals are just 100x faster than we are.

Here are the cabinets being painted…

Being Painted

And, here is the finished product!


I am still getting used to the new kitchen (still don’t know where to put my trash can), but it’s been so nice to have a kitchen again!  I would rather clean counters, wash dishes, roast brussel sprouts or bake chicken over sanding walls and door jams any day.

It’s definitely been a LONG, SLOW, and stressful experience, but I do think it has taught me a lot.

It has taught me that I really need to be more patient, I need to not throw tantrums when things don’t go my way (we call them Katie-Kaboom moments), I need to have a positive attitude, I need to suck it up and just get to work, and I need to be more grateful.

Jared and I really are SO blessed.  Our lives are SO great. But, for some reason, sometimes I let those stupid little nothings cloud my vision. Even though things aren’t perfect (and we still don’t have a door on our bedroom), we are doing pretty great.

Next month we WILL have more progress pictures! At least we better, since we have 30 days till our deadline! And, since our deadline just happens to be our anniversary, I’m really hoping we can pull this off. :)

Cute Babies and Yummy Food

This month we were able to go up to Danville to attend a baby blessing for one of Jared’s good friends.  We absolutely love this couple and their little girl is adorable.



I totally stole that picture from her instagram. whoops.

We also celebrated some soon to be born babies this last month and expect their arrival anytime!

One of the showers was a sugar and spice theme and I really liked the way you could throw in spiced apple cider and fall desserts with that. I think I have more spice than sugar in my recipe. =/


The desserts were yummy and it was so fun getting to know her a little better and spend sometime with everyone.  I feel like I have been a little antisocial with all this house work.  It’s hard to have a social life when you know you should be trying to get your house ready for visitors.

We also had some fun dinners with friends. Pizzookies for the girls and pizza ovens for the boys.


Our friends from church had a pizza oven installed in their backyard and it makes for a super fun/yummy evening. I swear growing up I didn’t love pizza (probably because my brother did and I wanted to be difficult.), but now I love it.  There is just something about homemade pizza with fresh toppings.

Super yummy!

House Update!

So the house is still a DISASTER, but that’s okay.  Everyone always asks me how it’s coming and that is my answer every. single. time.  And, it will likely be my answer until about the day before Thanksgiving, because that is when it has to be ready for my family to come. :)

I’m not gonna lie, it is really hard to stay positive and motivated to work on it at times. We have had lots of unexpected issues; leaky refrigerator, busted lawn mower, cracks in the ceiling, peeling paint, tears in the screens, etc. But even though we complain, we love it.

In an attempt to be a cheery, positive person (really hard for a bitter, sassy, little brat like me), I am going to write down some of the things I love about our little old house.  Sorry, if you find this cheesy.  But, you can stop reading at any time. :)

I love that I can pull into a driveway when I get home from work
I love that we have a back patio where we can enjoy dinner
I love eating our fresh cherry tomatoes
I love the hummingbirds that come and go in our backyard
I love the new crown molding in our front room
I love the new dining room table we ordered last night!
I love looking at furniture and trying to envision what our house is going to look like
I love that Jared mocks up seating arrangements with boxes, brooms and vacuums
I love the breeze that comes through at night
I love sitting on our front swing, after working hard on the house
I love that there is a light switch by our bed, so I don’t have to get up to turn it off at night
I love the rope swing in our backyard
I love that we can use our BBQ again
I love that we don’t hear people walking above us early in the morning
I love being able to give away vegetables from our garden
I love the look of freshly mowed lawn
I love the extra counter space in our bathroom
I love actually knowing our neighbors
I love running through the neighborhood in the morning
I love watching families go for walks in the evening
I love seeing our neighbors kids play in their front yard
I love the big window in our kitchen
I love having a safe place to come home to