An Attempt at an Update

Hello from the beach!!!  These are my friend Newman’s sand toys.  AKA Baby B.


I am really getting excited for this summer.  Let me tell you.  Beach trips, camping, hiking, oh so much to look forward too.  But first off, I guess I should apologize for not blogging.  Not that anyone cares.  Well, I guess Janae cares.  She has already complained.

But, I promise, I will be better!

Okay, so I don’t know everything I have done since I last blogged.  Because, I can hardly remember what I did yesterday.  But, I will try…

When I got back in town from my mom’s, my cute friends took me to a belated b-day dessert night and it was DELICIOUS!  We tried this new little coffee shop downtown San Jose and I thought it was a lot of fun.  Their pastries were really good.  But, their hot chocolate was a little lacking.

But, that’s okay because we had some really good girl talk.  And, we were lucky enough to be serenaded by some random guy playing the piano.  Ha!  I guess I could have done without that.

I also got spoiled and went to brunch at my favorite breakfast place in Los Gatos.  My friend, Leslie and I go to brunch for our birthdays every year and I absolutely love this tradition.  And, I can’t get enough of Los Gatos Cafe.  I’ve gone again since going with Leslie.  To.die.for.

I also made our friends go to get free birthday burgers from Red Robin.  I guess I really did want to drag out my birthday this year.  Because, that was literally the last day of the month.

Guess that is what happens when your husband leaves you for Brazil the day after your birthday. #notbitter.

This month we have had a lot of fun too!

We kicked off the month with a Fat Tuesday party!!  Yes, I’m not Catholic.  But, it sounded fun.  And, a few people actually joined me in giving something up for Lent.  I’m doing desserts again this year because it just didn’t do it for me last year.  I got a hundred times worse and am hoping that I will crave them less after these 46 days.

We had our 2nd successful beach outing for the year and boy was it perfect!!  Great weather, great company.  Really couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Jared even got IN the water.  It was freezing!  But, you can’t stop that boy.  He actually has come around very nicely to the beach since marrying me.

I’ve started running with a couple friends, which has been nice.  And, I had a failed attempt at a soccer game.  But, I really can’t wait for the sun to stay out in the evenings so Jared and I can go on more bike rides.  Or maybe even resurrect the old Kick Ball game!

We have also had lots of dinners with friends, Pizza, Ethiopian food, Tacos, and Corned Beef and Cabbage.  And, now I am running off to go BBQ with some friends.  Gotta love that California weather!!  BBQ all year round. =)

Jared in Brazil

I think Jared had a great time in Brazil.  He worked A LOT but really enjoyed himself.  He got to be an apple specialist for the day.  See the Christ statue and the Apple store opening.  Eat lots of sushi and try out new fun restaurants.  If you want more, guess you’ll have to ask him. =)




Christ Statue.

Christ Statue

Store Opening.


Sleep Deprived.


Naps in the middle of the mall.




Gorgeous Views.


Trip to St. George

How on earth is it March already??

I guess since it is no longer my birthday month, I should actually talk about something besides my birthday.

Last month Jared went to Brazil for work (Yes, I was very jealous. No, I couldn’t go with him).  So I decided to go to St. George to visit my mom, my brother, and my sister and her family.  I love going home to visit my family and I really enjoyed the trip.

I got in late Sunday night and went to visit my sister and my two little nephews first thing Monday morning.  Well, first thing for them.  They sleep in til’ noon. =)

This little character wanted to play in his brother’s baby swing.


And, this little guy completely stole my heart.


So precious!  I just loved holding him.  Newborns are just so soft.  And, they smell so good!  I wonder if they make any that stay that way forever?


After my brother got out of school, that first day, we went over to an archery shop and tested out a few bows.  My brother has wanted one for a while so my mom thought she should actually take him in to see if he could shoot.

Clearly he thinks he’s pretty good.


That is until I shot.  ;)


Nothin’ but yellow. ;)

Ha!  The bow was actually set up perfectly for me so it was way accurate without me needing any skill whatsoever.

Not only is February my birthday month but it is also my sister’s, my brother in law’s, and my brother’s!

Since I love going out to eat for any occasion, I took my sister to one of her favorite places for her birthday.


This was the first time I had Poke, but it was really good!  I was a little skeptical at first.  Since, St. George doesn’t strike me as a seafood mecca.  But, it was really good!  Now I just have to go to Hawaii to compare.

The rest of the trip comprised of lots of eating, late night Hulu plus watching, and catching up with my mom.

I also snuck in a few runs while I was there.  And like with most things, there was the good and the bad.  The good one was running down the hill watching the hot air balloons raise against the red mountains.  I didn’t take my phone so no picture, but super pretty.  The bad was dragging our lazy, old dog around the block because he about dies after a mile.  I really shouldn’t try anymore.

We also snuck in a trip to the infamous Swig.  And wow, those cookies are GOOD.  I may have to bring a container to bring them home in next time I go.  The drinks I could do without.  But, I would really like having those cookies in my life.


Side note:  There was a random night where I thought I gave myself diabetes, so I didn’t eat my nightly dessert that evening.  It was hard.  But not too hard since I had already had my 2 PM dessert.

I also had a bit of a blast from the past experience while going to lunch with my brother at his middle school.  He has a super short lunch break, so we had to eat there.  But, I did try to fit in as much possible, no makeup, braids and all.  It felt like girl’s camp all over again.  That is, the part where I get confused for a 14 yr old freshman.

But, for a day, I remembered what it was like to have a 15 year old valentine.  Ain’t he cute?

Char Su Boa

And, those aren’t just rolls.  They are his FAVORITE bbq pork rolls.

All in all the trip was great.  Relaxing and enjoyable.  I am glad I went and so glad I got to see my newest nephew and all the Utah Fam Bam.  Even though I missed Jared.

Maybe I’ll post some pictures of his trip next.