House Update!

So the house is still a DISASTER, but that’s okay.  Everyone always asks me how it’s coming and that is my answer every. single. time.  And, it will likely be my answer until about the day before Thanksgiving, because that is when it has to be ready for my family to come. :)

I’m not gonna lie, it is really hard to stay positive and motivated to work on it at times. We have had lots of unexpected issues; leaky refrigerator, busted lawn mower, cracks in the ceiling, peeling paint, tears in the screens, etc. But even though we complain, we love it.

In an attempt to be a cheery, positive person (really hard for a bitter, sassy, little brat like me), I am going to write down some of the things I love about our little old house.  Sorry, if you find this cheesy.  But, you can stop reading at any time. :)

I love that I can pull into a driveway when I get home from work
I love that we have a back patio where we can enjoy dinner
I love eating our fresh cherry tomatoes
I love the hummingbirds that come and go in our backyard
I love the new crown molding in our front room
I love the new dining room table we ordered last night!
I love looking at furniture and trying to envision what our house is going to look like
I love that Jared mocks up seating arrangements with boxes, brooms and vacuums
I love the breeze that comes through at night
I love sitting on our front swing, after working hard on the house
I love that there is a light switch by our bed, so I don’t have to get up to turn it off at night
I love the rope swing in our backyard
I love that we can use our BBQ again
I love that we don’t hear people walking above us early in the morning
I love being able to give away vegetables from our garden
I love the look of freshly mowed lawn
I love the extra counter space in our bathroom
I love actually knowing our neighbors
I love running through the neighborhood in the morning
I love watching families go for walks in the evening
I love seeing our neighbors kids play in their front yard
I love the big window in our kitchen
I love having a safe place to come home to


First City Festival

So basically our lives have consisted of…

Sanding, scrapping, cleaning, and painting. (joy)

But, last weekend we did actually go do something fun.

Our friend had some extra tickets to a music festival in Monterey, so we headed down there for the weekend.


It was just what we needed.  The festival is actually a descendant of the famous Monterey Pop Festival.  That was the festival where Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire and The Who demolished their equipment at the end of their act.  Pretty cool to be at such an infamous venue.

We got to see a bunch of great bands like…



He was a great performer and it was all of our favorite show!

Jared really liked Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr. and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. But, I liked the girls better. Best Coast and the Naked and the Famous.  Figures.

We also rode the Farris Wheel, and just enjoyed the Monterey weather.

Farris Wheel

All the other acts were great too, and I just loved the crowd and fun environment.

Pretty lights!


Doesn’t hurt that I got a funnel cake too. :)

Our Life Lately

Well to say I have been MIA lately is an understatement.  Life got pretty crazy for a while.  Since my last update we…

Bought a house


Spent a week in Aptos


I went to a week long Girl’s Camp in the mountains


Jared moved our entire apartment while I was gone


And I came home to a new home!

New Home

For a while there, it was EXTREMELY stressful.  I think I was averaging a breakdown about every other day, and probably should have been put on high blood pressure medication (or Valium).

BUT, now that we are in the home (even though it is still a disaster) I feel a little less stressed.  It will all be done eventually…  Just don’t plan on visiting for a few months. :)

When I say it is a disaster, I’m really not exaggerating.  Plastic drop cloths everywhere, masking tape on the walls, saw dust on the floors, and the kitchen is still out of commission.

It’s funny because it really was “move in” ready when we bought it.  Who knew prepping to painting took so much work and that painting cabinets would take so long. Oh well, who needs to cook anyways? ;)

I’m excited to finish up some of the painting, CLEAN and decorate.  I really think it’s going to take us until the end of the year to have it painted and decorated, but I’m okay with that. Until I can actually buy furniture, I’ll just pin it. Ha!

Oh!  And, don’t worry, I got the fastest time on the rock wall up at camp for my age group this year. (Since Leslie wasn’t there)

Rock Wall

Pretty cool award, huh?