First Giants Game!

My family can’t come out to visit without going to a Giants game. :)


And, since we have dragged Jude everywhere else with us, why not take him to a game too!

He actually did really well, hardly fussed and slept a little. My sisters held him for a good portion of the game, but I got to steal him back towards the end. 😉

You can’t tell but he is sporting a giants bib and giants shoes.  We just need to get him a giants jacket for the next game.



I think Jared prefers watching baseball with his boy. :)IMG_1713

It made for a late night, but I’m glad we got to all spend one last evening together as a family before my mom, sisters and brother left.

Annual Aptos Beach Trip

My sister and I headed down to the beach with baby on Wednesday (yup, after only being home for 2 days), and then Jared came the following day.  He was helping a friend mom and finishing up some stuff at home.

It just so happened that this years 4th of July trip to Aptos fell around my mom’s 60th birthday! Since this was a special year for her, my sisters and I wanted to try to get as many people together as possible.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a family photo together (we are awful at that kind of stuff) but all of my mom’s kids and grandkids were together for her birthday party, except my brother-in-law who had to work.

Happy birthday, mom!



My brother will always be a dork. :)


FullSizeRender (1)

Even our cousins and my dad’s brother came to celebrate wtih us.  It was great to see them!!


The next day we got to celebrate again with a 4th of July parade, BBQ and fireworks.

Baby Jude got to rock his 4th of July outfit his Aunt Cathy got him.  She definitely spoils her great nephews.


I didn’t spend as much time at the beach as usual. Baby + overcast + party planning meant I was a little busy and not as motivated to spend the day in the sun. But, Jude did get to feel sand on his toes for the first time! I know you can’t tell, but I think he liked it.


So glad that we got to spend this 4th of July with so much family, and that it was our first time as a family of three!

We love this little boy and are glad we get to share all our traditions and adventures with him.


It was a great week with family and friends and I’m so glad my mom makes the trip out every year. Nothing like relaxing at a beach house, walking along the beach, riding the Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz and eating ice cream from Marianne’s.


Tour de Jude

Wow, Jude is 3 months old! Man the time has flown by.

Jared is lucky to have really good paternity benefits so we took advantage of them and went on a month long vacation. Tough life, I know.

First stop was in Reno to introduce Jude to my cousins who live there. It was a quick stop, but we were so glad we could do breakfast with my cousin Fong and her family.

The night before we stayed in a hotel. Jude approved of his first hotel stay.


After Reno, we headed down to Mapleton to spend a week with Jared’s mom.

Jude’s first of many trips to Utah, I’m sure. He did great in the car and handled it like a champ. He even let us take him out to take a random picture on the side of the highway.


While we were there visiting Jared’s mom, we were lucky enough to bless Jude in her home. Jared gave him a beautiful blessing and even made me cry.

KT & Jude

Jude got passed around like a new toy and loved having everyone hold him. Lots of family and friends came to support us and we couldn’t have felt more loved.

Jared’s brother Taylor and his son made the trip out from Texas.

McGann Side

From my side of the family we had my mom and brother up from St. George, my sister Amy came out from Texas and then my Aunt’s family came down from the Salt Lake area.

Lam Side

My Aunt helped make some chicken salad croissants, and we had quite the dessert spread put together by Jared’s Aunts.  The chocolate covered strawberries stole the show.

The week there felt very busy, and hot! We had lots of friends and family to see and I was pretty exhausted by the end of it to say the least. But it was great catching up with everyone. We celebrated Jared’s birthday as well as his mom’s, saw a couple friends who used to live out in San Jose, spent some time with Jude’s great grandparents and Jared’s favorite mission companion.

Grandma Bartholomew


After making the rounds, we headed down to St. George to spend a little more time with my family.  Boy, and if I thought Northern Utah was hot, St. George was even hotter.  Luckily my mom keeps the house so cool you need a blanket 😉

After a busy week, it was nice to just relax and hang out with the family.  We got to spend some time with my mom, go to the farmers market, see my sister and her adorable little boys, eat lots of good food and play a few rounds of phase 10.

I even got to go on my first hike sans baby.  My mom was nice enough to stay home and watch the boy while the rest of us went to hike the Narrows in Zion’s National Park.

Jared also hiked Angel’s landing with my brother and sister, but I chose the Narrows instead. It was a fun hike, but way different than any other hike I have done since you are wading in water the majority of the time.


I liked this little natural waterfall, and all the caves and crevices along the way.

After St. George we headed over to LA to see more friends and family. We stayed with our friends the Johnson’s. I was a little nervous staying with someone other than family, considering Jude still wakes up in the night to eat and has his occasional melt downs, but they were so accomodating and made us feel right at home. Alondra had a welcome banner waiting for Jude when we arrived, took care of dinner for us when our plans fell through, made us yummy breakfast, and was so sweet to Jude.

Hearts in LA

Jude got to meet Jared’s dad’s side of the family this weekend and it was so great to spend time with them. Jared’s Aunt Cathy put together a couple BBQs and his Aunt Mary Beth and her family came to meet him as well. Everyone has been so sweet and supportive and I couldn’t ask for better in-laws.

Jude with his great grandma. So precious. She just loved watching him and loving on him.

Grandma McGann

On our way home, we had to make a stop to say hi to my other cousins who live down close to Long Beach. My cousin’s wife made us the most delicious crepes and I loved chatting with them and seeing their kids.

Their little boy is hilarious and LOVED Jude.  He loved Jude so much he would grab on him and want to hold him all by himself. He would just reach for him and try to pick him up like it was no big deal.

Hayden & Jude
After brunch, it was time to make the last leg home (until our next vacation in Aptos).

Family photo in Pismo during our last pit stop.


Here’s our little champ just loving his car seat. 😉 

All in all, it was a great trip.  I learned to nurse and pump in the car, change a baby pretty much anywhere, and grew an even greater appreciation for white noise makers. We only had a couple major melt downs (mine not Jude’s) and got to spend some quality time as a family. No matter how much I complained, I’m glad we were able to do so much.