No Baby: Day 9

Everyone is always saying, rest while you can! Get some sleep! Instead of making freezer meals, and cleaning my house I went hiking. Probably not the brightest idea ever, but it sure was fun!

Hike with Alyse

 I was so certain this kid was coming early that laundry was washed, groceries were purchased and the house was cleaned too early.  Since I did all that, I decided might as well try to get the kid out

Alyse and I have talked about going for a hike together for months and never have. We finally got together to try out Rancho San Antonio. Little did we know, this is one of the only places that doesn’t allow dogs. No fun. Since we had Alyse’s adorable puppy Roo with us, we quickly searched for the closest dog friendly hike.

We ended up at Stevens Creek County Park. We hiked up to Masses Point (the highest point in the Fremont Reserve) and it had some phenomenal views!

We also ended up meeting a really interesting guy from Scotland. So fun to chat with random people with different backgrounds.  He’s the one that took us up to the point and then snapped this shot of us.

It sure is expensive, but the Bay Area sure has it’s perks.

No Baby: Day 8

The Non-Stress Test went well yesterday, so the doctors are okay with him cookin’ a little while longer.

One thing I don’t like about being pregnant is always being worried.  I worry that I’m not eating healthy enough, not exercising enough, not relaxing enough, basically I worry that I am doing everything wrong.

That’s probably why I wish this baby would just come on his own!  Then I would know, he was ready and it was time.  And, I wouldn’t feel guilty evicting him too early.  But, for some reason, I just really think I’m going to need to be induced.  I have contractions all the time, but they just don’t get strong enough or close enough together.

Since I am basically just waiting to have my baby at this point, I talked my friend into going on a short hike with me.  It was a beautiful day and neither one of us had ever been to this spot.


Not the best photo, but that bump is massive!

It was super green, and I’m glad we got to see it before it started to turn brown.

This picture reminds me of a painting my grandfather did. I don’t think it’s like it at all, but for some reason it reminds me of a particular painting my mom has.


Jared got us a new camera for baby boys arrival, so I’ve been trying to play with it a little bit.

Let’s just say, I have a lot to learn…



No Baby: Days 4, 5 & 6

Sorry folks, he is still not here yet.

I went in for my 41 week appointment today and the doctor says everything looks good.  Baby has big ol’ checks, lots of fluid and he was practicing breathing the whole time during the ultrasound.

Dr. just said the contractions need to get stronger and closer together. Seems easy enough, right?

I’m trying to be patient, but really kid?

Everyone has been really nice, and good about checking in on us. But, I do like this little card below. ;)

Pregnant Mama

We have an appointment for a Non-Stress Test tomorrow. So hopefully that goes well. If that looks good, we will check everything again on Friday!