Fully Baked


Considering this baby could come out any minute now, I figured I should probably post about the pregnancy before I post about the actual birth.

This summer was pretty crazy and Jared and I were super busy, but apparently somehow we had time to make a baby (TMI).

If you count back 40 weeks from today, that would be just around the time we closed on our house, it is also one of Jared’s best friend’s birthday and my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary.

Fast forward 6 weeks… I got back from a Summer Camp and felt a little “different”. Jared and I had been trying to start our family for some time, so I decided to take a pregnancy test as soon as I got back from Camp.

I tried to find a cute way to tell Jared the good news, but ended up just giving him a Baby Ruth candy bar, after dinner in our back yard (where we ate dinner for 2 months after buying the house).
Pregnancy (10)


On August 4th, (AKA also known as my baby cousin Malea’s birthday) Jared and I found out we were going to have a baby!! We were both really excited.

I was probably equally nervous as I was excited. But, the first thing Jared said after I told him was, “that’s the best news I’ve ever heard.”  This guy was definitely made to be a dad.

Time went on and the next milestone was the end of the first trimester.

Throughout the first trimester I felt pretty good.  I was trying to eat healthy but really just wanted carbs.  Lots of baked potatoes! I didn’t get too much morning sickness but had a few rough nights here and there.

I actually think working on the house, exercising and just keeping my mind off it helped. But that was just with my specific situation, I know that doesn’t help everyone!

At 13 weeks, we had another ultrasound and baby boy was looking good.

Pregnancy (2)He was also the size of a peach!

Don’t mind the awkward background, and scraggly hair. I forced Jared to take this picture, while half asleep and still in bed.

Pregnancy (1)

We talked a lot about how we wanted to tell everyone and when we wanted to tell everyone. Originally, I was going to do the cutest holiday card. right after Thanksgiving.

Something like this…

Pregnancy (1)

Or something like this…
Pregnancy (2)But of course, I failed miserably and didn’t even send out Christmas cards.  Instead, I posted an awkward picture of me on Instagram at about 20 weeks and called it good. #momfail


Halfway through the pregnancy, and I had been feeling good.  Physically my pregnancy has been pretty easy, but emotionally, I’ve been kind of a nut job. Sorry, babe. =/

This was around 30 weeks in Malibu after we spent the weekend with Jared’s best friend Zac.

Pregnancy (3)

And, this one is 3 days later.  Not quite as happy.

Pregnancy (4)

That was probably the worst part of my pregnancy.

First, I fell while running. And second, I was by myself, without my cell phone, a mile and a half from home. Talk about PTSD.

As soon as I got home, I texted my doctor (she just happens to be a close friend). She was going into surgery but just said. Call Labor and Delivery, go in and be monitored, have to miss work.

Of course I went. I tried not to freak out, but got pretty anxious when they made me stay longer because baby had a random deceleration in his heart beat.

After a few tears, pitty from the nurses, and dinner from a good friend, I went home, slept in my own bed and made it to work the next day.

I tried working out again a couple weeks later, but never really got quite back into it after that.

Pregnancy (5)

I did however enjoy sitting on the beach and taking a few pictues with the hubsand around Valentine’s day.

Pregnancy (6)

Here’s a little Pre- baby shower selfie at 35.5 weeks

Pregnancy (7)

I had to stop running around 35 weeks because I started getting PGP.

So, instead I tried walking a bit here and there, and a little prenantal yoga, but it all kind of bored me.

2 weeks left to go!  This was after one of those super eventful long walks.

Pregnancy (8)


And, for the best picture of all.  The car selfie.

Pregnancy (9)

He is offically fully baked! 40 weeks, and ready to rock and roll.

Doesn’t he know that it’s rude to show up late?!

39 Week Photo Shoot

Last Sunday after church, Jared and I met up with my friend Ayumi to take some maternity pictures.  She was so sweet and just offered to have a little photo shoot last minute.

Okay, I think this one is my favorite. This little boy has more shoes than we know what to do with and these little moccassins are from Miss Nina.  39 Weeks (1)

Gotta get just the bump.
39 Weeks (4)

Awkward half smile.

39 Weeks (3)

Suggestion for those who haven’t taken maternity shots yet, don’t wear a short dress.

39 Weeks (6)

I think I will show this picture to anyone who says I am “small”.  That right there is not a small bump. :)

39 Weeks (7)

Probably not a good thing that I like pictures with me looking away than I do with me looking at the camera.

39 Weeks (8)

Handsome daddy…

39 Weeks (9)

Again, we looking away > me looking straight at the camera.

39 Weeks (10)

Even though I am never happy with pictures of me, Ayumi did a great job and I love all the poses and angles she used!  She is such a great photographer, can’t wait for her to take pictures of the babe too!


Friday Fun Day!

Today Miss Janae came to visit!

She came into town for a wedding and stopped by before all the festivities began.

I miss my frieend and it was so good to see her and catch up on life.  The last time she was in town I was down south for a wedding so it has been a while since we have seen eachother.

Jared took Thursday and Friday off to work on his “honey do list” so he got to see her too.

After she left we grilled up some steaks and then headed to be beach for a fire.  I love beach fires.  We live so close but we don’t go nearly as much as we should.  I’m glad we could have a nice Friday with yummy s’mores to top off the night.