Weekends Should Be Longer

I can’t believe this weekend is already over! Tomorrow I will be going back to work and that just isn’t fair. This weekend Jared and I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and a lot of time watching Downton Abbey. It is our new favorite show and he has to remind me daily that it is not good to sit and watch 10 hours of television in one day so that I don’t try to make him watch episode after episode with me until we are done.

Friday night we went over to our friends house for a “gender discovery party?” Don’t be alarmed it’s not as scary as it sounds. It was actually a really cute idea! They decided they wanted to be with friends, and family on Skype, when they found out the sex of their baby. So, they had their doctor write down the sex of the baby and put it in an envelope, then they took the envelope to the party store and asked them to fill a box with either blue or pink balloons depending on what the card in the envelope said.

photo (30)

As you can tell from the picture above, they’re having a girl!! I guessed right and I can’t be more excited for them. The little announcement party was so fun, filled with lots of pink and blue, treats, and games.

Jared and I both got up early the next morning, and I headed off to the gym for a couple classes. I think I’ve been to a U-Jam class before but I am going to have to go a lot more often to get the hang of it. This weekend I went with my friend Stephanie and it was crazy! Lots of people and lots of booty shaking. This weekend I have realized even more so than ever that I am old and I’m not happy about it one bit.

After the necessary football watching and pizza eating, we went to our friends house to play a game of Pictionary. She got the idea from the Break Up and let me tell you, it was just as spirited and competitive as it was in the movie. All the boys got WAY into it (even though they were the most reluctant to play).

photo (31)

Again, there were yummy treats, good company and lots of fun. Ever tried no bake cookies without the chocolate?? They were really good.

After having a dessert filled weekend, I felt like I hadn’t made a dessert in awhile so I attempted to make chocolate thumb prints tonight. The recipe actually seemed a little weird. And the dough was rather odd, but they ended up being really good.

photo (33)


I added a little milk to the dough because it seemed dry, but it probably would have been fine if I hadn’t, they were a little sticky when I rolled them (because of the milk). But I didn’t mind, that just meant I got to lick the cookie dough off my fingers when I was done. Cookie dough = yum.

Now it’s time to convince Jared to watch another episode of Downton Abbey with me, wish me luck!


  1. I’m glad I found your blog! love the posts and the design- so cute.

    I mayyy have to try Ujam with you one of these times!

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